CentraDoc 6.5.5 - Summary of Changes since 6.5.2

Table Of Contents

Build Issues

  • Mac OS/X projects are now included in the release.
  • 6.5.2 was released with broken Windows projects for the PageCount dll
  • .sln & .vcproj files are now included for Windows Visual Studio 2005

In the past, only the .dsw/.dsp files for Visual Studio 6 were included, and Visual Studio can convert those files to .sln/.vcproj files without incident. However, Visual Studio 2010 is unable to convert and build the .dsw/.dsp files correctly. It has no trouble with the .sln/.vcproj files.

Latest FreeType

FreeType has been updated to 2.4.5 with additional patches for CVE-2011-0226 (pulled from http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/freetype/freetype2.git/ master 2011.07.18)

Repairs and Enhancements by Ticket #

  • Added PostScriptCIEtoICC=Y option which skips the PostScript CIE CRD backend and replaces the CRD with the Color Manager's ICC profiles. ** This is experimental and not completely functional **
  • Improved caching for CIE color objects speeds up some conversions by an order of magnitude or more.
  • Note that IgnoreCIEColors=Y was already an option that will speed up CIE conversions for PostScript, but it may reduce color fidelity in minor to catastrophic ways, depending on input.
  • -layers option will report layer names only (and includes group layer names)
  • -layer NAME will restrict rendering to specified layer
  • use multiple -layer NAME options to render multiple specific layers at once
  • -layer ALL special option to turn on all layers (normal is default visibilit)
  • -layer NONE special option to turn on all objects not in any layer